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Starting a fire is easy!
Start a fire in a couple of seconds!
Recreation for modern people!
Practical and environmentally friendly!
Ready-made set for grill and BBQ GrillGo is all you need for excellent recreation with friends
GrillGo – readymade sets for starting a fire
You don’t have to split firewood, soot and blow the coals anymore!
Put the box GrillGO into the coal grill and light the flame igniter
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Firewood splitting, packed coal and lighter fluid – all in the past. Your outdoor recreation becomes much more enjoyable with the GRILLGO set. It is an eco-box which allows you to build a fire for BBQ in three simple steps.

  1. Get the special matches out of the GRILLGO set.
  2. Put the box into the coal grill unpacked.
  3. Light the flame igniter

In 10 minutes you will already be able to cook. Concentrate on your meal, not the fire!

Look at this!

Our Advantages

  • Ready coal
    in 10 minutes
  • No
  • Special
    matches inside
  • Natural

How to use a box

Get the special GRILLGO matches set
and light the flame igniter
Wait about 7-12 minutes
until GrillGo! flames up
Spread the coal in the charcoal grill
and start cooking

About us

We love our job in GrillGo. Our aim is to make your life easier and give you precious time to communicate with your family and friends.
We work only with best producers and therefore we can guarantee the high quality of our products.
We care about our customers and the environment, that is why we use only natural materials.